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Thursday, July 31, 2003


Me and Lauren will be leaving all of you for ONE WEEK (Saturday to Saturday) while we rock out in a little place I like to call... my rented cottage. Yeah.

I will miss you all, but today, I am just leaving a tribute to my two most loyal readers who also post. Yeah. (Posting pays off, suckers).


Haven't seen/talked to you for almost a week now and I won't see you before I go so I am leaving this for you to read when you get back. I miss you already, man. Too bad you couldn't have come up with us - I will eat s'mores in rememberence of you. The campfires will not be the same without you. Sigh. Neither will the SNES. Yeah, Donkey Kong.


You party animal! Don't have too much fun without us! You are a posting machine, lately, man. That rocks. My mother said on the car ride back from your house that she likes you a lot. She senses good in you. "She just seems so genuine, you know?" said my mother. She wasn't wrong about Greg and she isn't wrong about you.
"She'll go places... I can tell"

Speaking of my mother, she would hate if I she knew I had this site.
Yeah, that's probably what she would say. You know what I'm talking about, Liz.

Haha, this post reminds me of that one post I made way back after my mother told my little sister that the world was coming to an end. My, my, how this blog has evolved. I used to actually talk about my day.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

No, there is no asian in my background

Countless times, people have either asked me, or my close friends whether or not I am half or partially asian. The answer is no. I don't understand why people would think this. I've asked some people, the usual answers are:

a) "You have dark hair" - Yeah, I know, I have an italian background. Italians are dark, hairy beasts.
b) "You have very pale skin" - I spend most of my time in my basement, out of the sun. And how many British people are powder white? Yeah, that's also in my background.
c) "Your eyes are slanted" - They are?!?
d) One or more of the above in combination with my height - I'M SORRY I'M JUST SHORT!

All of these things may be true, but I still don't see how people think I look asian.

I mean, do I look asian in THIS picture?

(eh, I'm the one on the left)

Why can't I just be Canadian? Why do people want to figure out my background? Just leave it be. I live here. Who cares where my ancestors used to live?

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Photoshop is fun.

(Yeah, I changed it... again)

Monday, July 28, 2003

I definitely remember being turned off the girliness of the girls that would go waste a weekend watching boys skateboard. I could not for the life of me understand why that was different than watching the football team practice. I mean, at least the cheerleaders got a little sweat on, did some flips and those cool human pyramids.
-Travis Morrison

Oh dear...

When did skateboarding come back in style? I mean, around my school, approximately half of them want to be or are already skating. And since when did someone like Tony Hawk become an idol? What does he do with his life? How many more commercials must I sit through that have catch lines like "A day without Corn Pops Cereal is like a day without a skateboard"? How many more CKY movies must come out with guys shitting while riding a skateboard (plus horrible, horrible music in the background)? Since when did Shoppers Drug Mart sell skateboards? Why do so many people know what an "ollie" is? When did music get involved in all this?

Was it Bart Simpson or Fred Durst that made it so damn popular?

Sunday, July 20, 2003


Hey look, I think Travis was wearing that EXACT shirt!

My god, the concert was amazing!
Dame Fate wasn't that great.
Engine Down was pretty good, I guess.

The venue was pretty small, and it wasn't that crowded at all. I liked how there weren't any barriors like there would be at, say, a Matt Good concert. Also, there was no backstage - it was a curtain. So when the show was over, the band really had no place to go.

So anyway, The D-Plan did not have a set list - it was totally based on fans requests. People would raise their hands, Travis would pick them, and they would shout out which song they would like to hear. I loved that, they played every song I wanted to hear that night. I especially liked The Dismemberment Plan Gets Rich. Ah, so good.

Anyway, so their last song, they started playing happy birthday for this guy who's birthday isn't until Friday (no one else had an upcoming birthday) then they went into OK, Jokes Over. It was so good, the audience went crazy and I got stuck between two huge guys who liked to dance. Before then, I got stuck between two other crazy dancing guys - one with keys on his pants that kept hitting my hand. I DIDN'T CARE THOUGH - I WAS TO BUSY ROCKING OUT.

You should have been there.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

What happens when Andrea is bored?
Horrible things...

Drawn from...

Drawn from...

Drawn from..

Sometimes, I just have too much time on my hands. That, and I don't sleep.

Saturday, July 12, 2003

...until I rock my socks off!

Saturday the 19th of July I will be attending the Dismemberment Plan concert with my sister Liz, her boyfriend Darryl, her friend Jen, and my friend Julian. Oh man, it will be so awesome. Time to dedicate an entire post to them.


Back in January of 1991, a band called the Dismemberment Plan was born in Travis Morrison's rec room. The band consists of vocalist Travis Morrison, guitarist/keyboardist Jason Caddell, bassist/keyboardist Eric Axelson and drummer Joe Easley. I could go about classifying the band in categories of genres or comparing them to popular or well-known bands but I'd really prefer not to. Why don't you all just log onto your KaZaA and download the following songs?

1. The City
2. Respect is Due (hey man, it's worth listening to the whole 12 minute song)
3. Bra
4. What do you want me to say
5. Time Bomb
6. Crush (depressing but much better than the original)

I could add more but there's no way any of you will actually download all of this.

Well, anyway, The D-Plan are breaking up and Travis is going solo, therefore the heart and soul of the Plan will never ever die.


Thursday, July 10, 2003

Just to make things clear...

This is me...

And this is Greg!
(Picture removed due to complaints from Greg)

And that was me stealing bandwidth from Greg.

Haha, sorry I confused you Shane.

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Young Drivers should eat ass
Especially my instructor

So, I just came back from eleventh driving lesson with Leon DeRo--something or other, and man, is he ever a prick. But, before I start bitching about him, I want to bitch about the organization first.

Young Driver's policy is to try to make you look like the biggest nerd ever. At every stop light, you MUST stop at least 1 car length away from the line and that is only if you couldn't have stopped 3 car lengths away.

If you don't stop a car length away, you do not have an "escape route" and you DIE and FAIL the YD course. Boo Hoo

Another policy is that you should be looking everywhere but the road in front of you. You must "ground view" all parked cars and also scan inside them. So, while you're avoiding getting a door opened on your car, you're risking a hell of a lot more.

All instructors strongly believe these habits with make us much better than all the other jackass drivers out there. If you mess one up, that's a tongue lashing.

Anyway, so I was driving down Main St. with my instructor, and apparently I should have scanned every single car parked at the side of the road and covered my horn through the entire drive through the street. Do you know how many cars are parked there just after noon? I wouldn't have looked at the road once if I had followed through.

And the lesson before this one, I failed to stop behind the line and good ol' Leon said "What are you doing?!? Now you've got no escape route. What would you do if the car behind us didn't stop?!? YOU HAVE TO STOP AT LEAST 1 CAR LENGTH AWAY FROM THE LINE! Do you understand?". Uh, no, I don't understand. It's useless. I hate it. They're just paranoid. A bunch of death-by-car-accident fearing losers. Not once has my instructor had to use his dumb brakes, they're just there because they are paranoid - all of them.


Sunday, July 06, 2003

DJs are lazy mother fathers (ha, Liz, you get it) Trish Tip: Just bold this to make it a title, then leave a space before you start your rant.

Seriously, I hate DJs these days. They are so god damn lazy, it's unbelievable. It's not the music I'm complaining about, it's the fact that if you were to listen to the Edge, for example, at 12:30AM one night, then the next night you tune in at the same time, it's the same song you heard the night before. Seriously, for about 2 weeks before school, I would wake up to Audioslave's Like a Stone.

I could do a better job than these lazy ass jerk-offs and have 5 times as much personality. Really, how hard is it to shuffle the tracks a little, maybe add a new song once and a while? How hard is it to make a joke that doesn't involve farts or tits/dicks. I think the only quality radio stations look for is a good "radio voice". What the hell is a radio voice anyway? It's like speaking like you're emphisizing every fucking word. It's the speaking version of typing in all caps. "HELLO, YOU ARE LISTENING TO EDGE 102, WE ARE SO DAMN ORIGINAL, JUST LISTEN TO OUR PLAYLISTS, FUCK, JUST LOOK AT OUR NAME - IT'S FUCKING 900 THOUSAND IN A MILLION!" What the hell do they do when they actually want to emphisize a word? Do the opposite? I could do that. "EDGE 102 SHOULD HIRE me FOR THEIR SUPER COOL DJ". Their DJs SUCK and I am much better. Plus, famous people should NOT look like this:

Trish Tip: to add a picture, type in the code < img src="http://www.yourpictureslinkhere" >

No matter if he's on the radio, he's still famous and famous people have their pictures taken, therefore he should be pretty.

I'm not even making sense anymore. I just HATE DJs. Arrrrgh!

Stupid Dean Blundell with his stupid ugly monkey face.
Trish Tip: End with a comment that would get people to post. All those Dean lover's out there will be hating me for this.

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

¤¤°°°°üÑÑËǭɧ§á®¥ §ýmBÕ£§°°°°¤¤

Why do some people feel it is necessary for their MSN name to be jam-packed with useless, impossible to read symbols? Seriously folks, what is this? It takes me hours to decode these nicknames and it must take them hours to come up with them. Why waste time to create an illegible screen name?

What's worse is that now with MSN Plus out, everyone has thousands of numbers before their nickname even begins. It's bloody ridiculous. People would rather have their computers run 10 times slower than to have colourless nicknames. I get so mixed up with all the people on my list. My god, there are at least 10 people who have their nickname beginning with  (220,055,240) or some similar number. Do people realize how retarded it looks having more numbers in their name than actual letters?

Ah, whatever.

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